June 22th, 2014 – Family Recipes

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014
VBC Meeting #16: Family Recipes
Host of the Month: John
Location: Denton, TX

John and others

This month the group made food inspired by recipes in the family.

This is what we made:

Lauren: Potstickers

The potstickers contained kale, red bell pepper, chick pea, fresh ginger, green onion, and store bought wrappers.

dish of potstickers

Brenda: rice pudding

The pudding consisted of rice, cream of coconut, vanilla, lime, and cinnamon.

rice pudding with cinnamon

Vanessa: “Tuna fish”

The mock tuna was made using garbanzo beans, spices, green onions, dulse flakes, Vegenaise®, soy sauce, ume vinegar, and mustard.

mock tuna

Bryan: Watermelon Juice

The juice had watermelon and beets for color.


Billy: Chimichangas

The chimichangas were filled with pinto beans, tomato and onion from Billy’s garden, ground style soy meat, black olives, fresh garlic, parsley, oregano, cumin, paprika, and topped with Daiya Cheddar Style Shreds.


Laura: Pierogi

Laura made the dough from scratch with flour, oil, and salt. She filled them with potato and onion.

potato pierogi

Slynn: Dad’s Stuffed Shells with Mom’s Tomato Sauce

Slynn stuffed the shells with homemade tofu ricotta. She topped them with vegan “mozzarella” and “not-parm.”

stuffed shells

Kim: Coleslaw and watermelon

The slaw contained green and red cabbage, Nasoya Nayonaise, and apple cider vinegar.


Taylor: Paprikash and bite-sized pastry

The paprikash, a Hungarian dish, had pasta, lots of smoked paprika, bell pepper, mushroom, and onion.


Taylor said these pastries were something she had leftover.

bite-sized pastry

Colleen: Oatmeal banana cookies and chocolate krispie treats

oatmeal banana cookies

Lilly: Khoresht-e Kadoo, tadig, and Persian cucumbers

Lilly made Khoresht-e Kadoo (zucchini stew) and tadig (crispy rice). She served them with Persian cucumbers.

khoresht-e kadoo

Persian cucumbers

John: Rice salad and pound cakes with strawberries

The salad contained sprouted lentils, rice, tomato, radish, celery, and olive oil.

rice salad

pound cakes and strawberries

Kelly: Hummus and crackers

Kelly got word about this meeting on very short notice. Not wanting to show up empty-handed, she picked up some hummus and crackers from Whole Foods.

There was also a mint chocolate chip birthday cookie at the meeting for Billy.

big mint chocolate chip cookie

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