VBC 2014

Happy New Year, everybody!

If you are looking for something to do in 2014, you could come to some Vegan Bake Club meetings.

Why join Vegan Bake Club? You will learn about things like Michelle’s Tom Selleck tunnel vision or Trista’s dream that told her Snoop Dogg is destined to be her best friend. Also, making vegan stuff is neat–even if it doesn’t turn out right.

strawberry compote chocolate cake

My first cake of the year: Chocolate Strawberry Compote Cake for Thelma K. Looked nice upon completion, tasted good, didn’t travel well (between Allen and Denton). Moral of this cake is that homemade compote and vegan buttercream can be pretty slippery. That basic rule of oil and water don’t mix.

strawberry compote chocolate cake broken

Mwaa ha ha

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